A Legendary Lyte

Posted on 29th March 2011 in Hip-hop, Journalism

My interview with hip-hop veteran MC Lyte appears in this week’s Style Weekly. The last time I spoke to rapper was in the basement of Ivory’s Uptown Lounge in 1993. Unfortunately, the Radio Shack microphone I selected for the interview betrayed me, and I’ve been waiting for a another chance ever since. Here’s some parts of my talk with her that didn’t make the cut.

CB: As an older and wiser woman, when you hear records like 10% Dis, do you think maybe I shouldn’t have said that …?

ML: Oh no, not at all. It’s a song and in encapsulates that point in time. So, I’m never regretfull for it, it’s just something that I did. Not that I’m older, I can make the decision as to whether or not I want to create lyrics that leave that type of effect. I’m probably trying to leave a different type of effect on people than I was when I was sixteen, seventeen years old.C

CB: Are there any producer out now that you’d like to work with?

ML: Well, I’ve always wanted to work with Timbaland. I think that would be a different route. I’ve worked quite a few producers, from Jermaine to Puffy, to Teddy, to Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis …

CB: Prince Paul.

ML: The Neptunes, Missy and her camp. I’ve worked with so many, but Timbaland is one that I haven’t work with. I’d like to see how that could go.

CB: Do you ever plan to put another album?

ML: ” … I plan on putting one out. I told all my twitter followers, when I’m up to 100, 000 [followers], I’ll release a free mix cd, which is an album that’s free.