Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them (Sorry, Sen. Franken.)

Posted on 7th April 2011 in Journalism

I’ve been interviewing singers and entertainers for more than a decade. As you might guess, it ain’t always easy getting in touch with these people. I’ve gone through lackadaisical weed carriers posing as road managers, dealt with rude record company people and talked to artists who really didn’t want to talk. So when a seasoned journalist like myself gets pushed to brink by a couple of industry folk, it’s quite an achievement.

I was supposed to interview an R&B singer who came to Richmond last week. She’s a UK transplant who was part of duo known for their bohemian/neo soul style. She just released her debut album, a fairly solid collection of pedestrian urban music. I decided to try to make an interview happen.

So, I emailed her record label. They never responded. I should’ve taken this as a clue that something was amiss. I got the email contact for her manager and he responded within ten minutes. He introduced me to his assistant. I’ll call her LaLa.

LaLa was a double major in deception and incompetence. Every time she said she would call, she didn’t. Every time she said she would email, she didn’t. Her excuses were pitiful and ridiculous, and they kept coming. She delayed the interview until my deadline day. I waited for her to call and she did – two hours after the time we agreed upon. Now, it was time for her penultimate falsehood. LaLa told me it looked like the concert was going to be postponed, BUT we could still do the interview. She said she would call me again, but in the words of Big Mama Thorton, that was just a lie.

The last time I heard from LaLa, she emailed me to tell me the show had been postponed and she’d let me know when she could announce the new date. Of course, because these were words that came out of LaLa’s mouth, none of them were true. The singer came and the show went on.

Others have made note of the disorganization that surrounds this singer. I hope she notices the problem soon and is able to put things right. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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