Sharon Jones Questions the Soul of some Divas

Posted on 24th December 2011 in Journalism, R&B


Retro soul queen Sharon Jones was among the singers featured recently  at VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul and she suggested that there was at least one diva who didn’t deserve her spot on the stage. The former prison guard doesn’t name the soul perpetrator, but on recent radio show on Friday, she dropped a hint as she bemoaned the sad state of popular music:

“They call those kids up there talkin’ bout they’re soul singers, don’t get me wrong, they sing, they do their thing, they’re pop singers. They need to get it straight. I think soul has lost what it’s all about.  Anytime you get some little young, I’m not gonna call names, you get somebody that’s been out here five minutes, come up and sing a song and you can’t even remember the hook of the song they singing, because it’s not soul.”

Likely suspects: Number OneNumber 2.

D’angelo still talking tour in 2012

Posted on 14th December 2011 in Journalism, R&B


D’angelo has been making serious plans to return to the concert stage next year. But like much of what the singer does, the details are murky and difficult to discern. At this point, it’s hard to confirm who is actually managing the singer. With the tour starting in a little over a month, D’angleo is still asking people to play with him. The lead guitarist for The Time, now called (The Original 7even), Jesse Johnson posted on his facebook page recently that he’s been talking with the singer about about playing on the mini-tour early next year.

So if Roots Drummer and D’angelo colloborator Questlove is to believed, Johnson could be joining bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Chris Dave in the singer’s comeback tour. Europe is still far away from where the Richmond native is now, but it looks like he’s getting there.

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“Cutty” from The Wire reveals Richmond roots

Posted on 14th December 2011 in Journalism, Television

Nikki (Katie Finneran, L) and Gary (Chad Coleman, R) discuss raising their teenage daughter Cr: Greg Gayne/FOX.


Chad L. Coleman’s life would make a great film. He emerged from poverty and a tragic family circumstances to become a respected actor, family man and a mentor to young people. His latest role is “Gary” the divorced husband in the new Fox sitcom “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.” I spoke with him recently about life after The Wire for Style Weekly.