Soul Unleashed: D’angelo is back

Posted on 29th January 2012 in Journalism, R&B

I’ve written extensively about D’angelo during his self-imposed exile from the music industry. Most of my reporting involved court dates, accidents, allegations and rumors. I was beginning to think I would never turn in a story about his return to the world of music, but here it is.

Aside from the visual proof that he’s alive, what’s amazing about this tour is that it’s done with almost no promotion from his label (RCA) or managment. The existence of the tour was only discovered when the singer’s name started to appear on the concert lists for various European venues. The singer’s facebook and myspace accounts, which could be used to promote a impromptu swing through Europe,  appear to be dormant. D’angleo still hasn’t done a substantial interview in years. But he’s still selling out venues, based on music made more than a decade ago. Damn, motherf••ker.

Now that’s he finally got himself together, maybe he can finish that album we’ve been waiting 12 years for.

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Over My Bed: Images from the Hip Hop Industry

Posted on 4th January 2012 in Hip-hop


I forgot to mention I’m having a little thing on Friday here in Richmond, Va. I’ll be showing some posters form my private collection, mostly promotional hip-hop images of artists from the golden age of hip hop. The show starts at 6 p.m. at Steady Sounds on 322 W. Broad Street. Come on down.

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