Sony leaks include School Daze Scoop

Posted on 20th April 2015 in Journalism, video


Plans for film director Spike Lee’s first sequel, a follow up to the comedy/musical School Daze, were revealed in the infamous hack of Sony’s email servers.  If you were hoping for an update on what’s been happening with Half Pint, Dap, Jane and Julian since graduation, this is not that film. School Daze Too, according to the leaked emails from last year, would feature rapper Drake in a lead role, along with comedian Kevin Hart. Drake would play a character called “PE*NIS,” with Hart providing comic relief in his role as a DJ named “DAT NIGGA JIGGA.”  Nope, not kidding.

“I believe in the film both as an entertainment — a college film —  and as a provocative and exciting piece about the conflict of traditional values (education, college) and hip hop/star/celebrity culture,” an agent allegedly wrote to Sony. ” Why go to college to get a job to make money when you can make more money rapping, stripping, and creating salacious music videos even if they demean women?”

The project was budgeted $9 million, according to Wikileaks.


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